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Campeiro Bulldog

The Campeiro Bulldog is a fairly new breed , it came to prominence in the 1970s. It's a Brazilian breed and the word Campeiro means 'fielder' or 'related to fields' in Portuguese. The Campeiro Bulldog is used to protect and herd cattle. It's a friendly dog but also a good guard dog.

For a dog with the traditional Bulldog muzzle it does tolerate heat well. Despite being strong and muscular it is also fast and athletic, as all bulldogs were before dog shows ruined them. They weigh between 75 and 100lbs so are a formidable guard dog , which is necessary as there are Puma and other predators that predate on cattle in Brazil.

Despite only gaining prominence in the last 50 years and still not being a recognized breed my many Dog Registries their history is far longer. Their ancestors are the European breeds that were taken to South America by Europeans in the 1600s. These dogs would have included various bulldogs and also mastiffs, these dogs then bred with local Brazilian dogs and it led to the breed of today. It is a much fitter and healthier version of a Bulldog than the English Bulldog , in fact it bears a closer resemblance to the Bulldog of the history books than the English Bulldog of today. Breeding dogs are selected still on the ability to work , and form follows function. Hopefully the breed won't be ruined by popularity and dog shows.

Like all Bull breeds , mastiffs etc they are a stubborn dog, many people mistake stubbornness as stupidity when training their dogs. At Taipei Dog Training we have found that Bulldogs of all kinds whilst very responsive to training with food rewards , often do better with a tug toy as a reward. Hundreds of years being bred to catch , bite and hold cattle or predators has given them the love of tug that is no different to a labradors love of chasing a ball. it is essential to reward any dog with what they value , we can't reward a dog with what we value. Bull breeds do require structure and discipline as they are hard headed. But If you train them well, socialize them well then the result is a very loving dog that is great with people , great fun to play with for the children in the family and a fantastic guardian.

The best description I have heard for Bull Breeds is 'they are the kind of dog that will lick milk off your babies face one minute and the next minute fight to the death to defend it'

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