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Dogo Guatamalteco

The Dogo Guatemalteco is a unique and relatively rare breed originating in Guatemala. Its development involved careful breeding and contributions from various breeds, including the Dogue de Bordeaux (often referred to as Dogo Burdeos) among others.

Dogo Guatemalteco's Heritage:

The Dogo Guatemalteco has a distinctive heritage, with influences from various breeds. It is a relatively rare breed, known for its unique traits and characteristics.

The Role of Dogue de Bordeaux:

The Dogue de Bordeaux played a significant role in the formation of the Dogo Guatemalteco. In French, "Bordeaux" refers to the region where the breed originated. In Spanish, "Burdeos" is simply the translation of the French term, and both names are used to describe this majestic breed known for its robust musculature and prominent jaw. Both terms, "Dogue de Bordeaux" and "Dogo Burdeos," refer to the same dog.

Common Ancestry with Dogo Argentino:

Both breeds share similarities in their ancestry. The Dogo Guatemalteco and the Dogo Argentino have a shared influence from the Bull Terrier as a primary genetic contributor. While exact information on ancestry may vary, it is believed that the Dogo Guatemalteco may also have influences from other breeds such as Boxer and Dalmatian, with the possibility of crosses with the Cordoba Fighting Dog and the Dogue de Bordeaux.

Creation of Dogo Guatemalteco:

The Dogo Guatemalteco originated earlier than the Dogo Argentino. Although detailed information on its creation is limited, photographs from the 1890s show Guatemalan families like the Galusser family with dogs resembling the Dogo Guatemalteco. While there is some controversy about who is solely responsible for the breed's development, the Galusser family is primarily credited, with some historians mentioning Hector Montenegro as a possible collaborator.

Purpose of Dogo Guatemalteco:

Originally bred for herding and protecting livestock, the Dogo Guatemalteco showcases a robust build and a brave temperament, making it an effective guardian. Over the years, it has proven to be a loyal and protective companion. Its recognition as the national dog breed in Guatemala by the Kennel Club of Guatemala (ACANGUA) highlights its significance in the country's history and culture.


In conclusion, the Dogo Guatemalteco is a fascinating breed with a unique history and a blend of genetic influences. The inclusion of the Dogue de Bordeaux in its ancestry emphasizes the diversity of its lineage. Its original purpose as a herding and guardian dog showcases the versatility and utility of this breed. Developed earlier than the Dogo Argentino, both breeds share genetic links and hold a special place in the canine history of Latin America.

多哥瓜地馬拉是一個獨特且相對罕見的品種,起源於瓜地馬拉。其培育涉及謹慎的繁殖和多個品種的貢獻,包括法國波爾多獒(經常被稱為Dogo Burdeos)等。




波爾多獒在多哥瓜地馬拉的形成中起著重要作用。法語中,“Bordeaux”指的是品種起源的地區。在西班牙語中,“Burdeos”只是法語術語的翻譯,兩個名稱都用來描述這種以其強壯的肌肉和突出的下顎而聞名的威武品種。“Dogue de Bordeaux”和“Dogo Burdeos”這兩個術語都指的是同一種狗。




多哥瓜地馬拉的起源早於多哥阿根廷。雖然有關其創建的詳細信息有限,但來自19世紀90年代的照片顯示瓜地馬拉家庭,如加魯瑟(Galusser)家庭,與類似多哥瓜地馬拉的狗。雖然有關誰是唯一負責培育該品種的爭議,但加魯瑟家庭被主要歸功,一些歷史學家還提到赫克托·蒙特內格羅(Hector Montenegro)可能是合作者。





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