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Exercise for your dog

People often comment that my 12 year old dog is in great shape. Its almost as if they think she shouldn't be. Dogs do age the same as humans do ( although faster ), but the same as humans, the more active they are and the better quality food they eat the slower this decline takes effect. Good food and daily exercise should be standard for all dogs, when getting a puppy this is a 15-20 year commitment to do this.

The daily walk is hugely important to every dog, be it a large Mastiff or a tiny Chihuahua, they all need the psychological benefits of a walk. The walk is a huge bonding moment for the dog and his owner, the longer the walk the better. And ideally it should happen first thing in the morning and again last thing at night, and if its hot and you need to take a drink for you, its hot and the dog will need a drink too. Daytime walks are great too, but be particularly careful in the summer here, put the back of your hand on the ground and if you cant hold it for 5 seconds its too hot for the dog to walk on.

Always build up distances you walk with your dog incrementally. They need to build up their endurance gradually to avoid injury.

What else can you do with your dog ? At Taipei Dog Training we do a lot of agility with our dogs. This is a great activity because it builds up dogs fitness, helps with their training, they enjoy it and its mentally challenging. Its also great for their confidence. Several of the riverside dog parks around Taipei and New Taipei have some basic equipment in them.

We also run some of the younger dogs with a kick bike, a large scooter that dogs can be attached too, they can really stretch their legs with this.

At our training ground in Taoyuan, Taipei Dog Training also have a lure coursing machine. A toy is attached to a cable and pulled around a course, a dog or group of dogs chase it. Its simulating a hunt and the dogs love it.

All these activities help keep dogs fit and well into their older age. But also happy and fulfilled too. Our goal at Taipei Dog Training isn't to just have dogs that are obedient for their owners, we want dogs to be obedient and well behaved, but also happy and content. In fact if they are not happy and content its very hard to maintain obedience.

Some people teach their dogs tricks, and these are great too for mental stimulation, and of course the dog spends time with his owner and enjoys that too.

Taiwan has an abundance of things to do with your dog. And if you love your dog, its in your interest to investigate them. Your dog will appreciate it, and you will almost certainly have your dog with you a lot longer.

If you need any tips or advice on what to do with your dog please contact us.

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