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Majorcan Shepherd

The Majorca Shepherd Dog, also known as the Ca de Bestiar or Perro de Pastor Mallorquín, is a breed of dog originating from the Balearic Islands, specifically Majorca, in Spain. This breed is known for its versatility, intelligence, and strong work ethic, traditionally used for herding and guarding livestock.

Physical Characteristics:

- The Majorca Shepherd Dog typically has a black coat, although there can be small white markings on the chest, toes, and the tip of the nose. The coat is short and weather-resistant, helping the dog adapt to various climates.

- They have a robust and athletic build, with a strong, muscular body that enables them to perform rigorous herding tasks.

- Males are generally larger than females, with a height ranging from 66 to 73 cm (26 to 29 inches) at the shoulder for males, and slightly less for females.


- Known for their loyalty and protective nature, Majorca Shepherd Dogs form strong bonds with their families and can be wary of strangers, making them excellent guard dogs.

- They possess a high intelligence and are very trainable but require a firm, consistent hand in training, as they can be independent thinkers.

- Their energy levels are high, necessitating regular exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors.

Use and Care:

- Traditionally used for herding and protecting livestock, they are also suitable for various canine sports and activities that engage their minds and bodies.

- Their coat requires minimal grooming, but they do benefit from regular brushing to remove loose fur and dirt.

- As with all breeds, early socialization and training are crucial for developing a well-adjusted, sociable dog.

While not as widely known outside of their native Spain, Majorca Shepherd Dogs are valued for their working ability, loyalty, and protective instincts. They make excellent companions for active individuals or families who can meet their exercise and mental stimulation needs.

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