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What is the best way to train your dog

We get asked a lot about what is the best way to train our dog or teach our dog to behave a certain way.  There is no one size fits all template for this, as not only is each dog different in personality, but so are the people involved. So the way we train dogs at Taipei Dog Training varies a lot.  That said there are aspects of training that are common to all people and dogs.


The first thing is the people need to decide what they want and expect from their dog. Sometimes we will recommend against certain things, but ultimately we always try and get the dog human relationship to work as the people want, if people are getting what they want they tend to stick to the training. We also find if people declare their dog training goals, it’s easier for us to guide them. The dog training goals aren’t things like sit, stay and lay down. They are life goals, for some people they want their dog to be able to lay quietly at their feet in a café as they read a book. Someone else might want to drive to the beach and needs their dog to behave in a car. Some people want the dog to stay off the furniture, others want the dog to lay on the sofa next to them.


We teach the dog to understand yes and no. Crucial words to help not only in training but also in everyday life. If the dog steps in the road we can say no, if he steps back on the sidewalk we can say yes, this way we train the dog not to walk in the road.  Or they have tried to walk out the front door when the mailman delivers a parcel, you say no, they stop and you say yes, the dog with this kind of training ( only using 2 words) can be guided to behave how you want them to.


Sit , stay and loose leash walking are all taught. But we also teach how to use the simple obedience during your day. If your dog is getting under your feet when you cook or clean up, we tell them to sit somewhere out of the way while you work.


All the time we are in control of our dog, and this makes it easier to control our dog. It’s much harder to control your dog in an emergency if you let them do as they please all day. If they are used to you being in charge they accept it readily. You never have to take control if you are in control.


All this talk of controlling your dog does put people off, but the reality is the better behaved your dog is and the more control you have over them, the better their life is. If they come when called, they can go off leash more. If they lay down quietly they can go to cafes and restaurants with you. The badly behaved dog has to stay home alone. Training your dog improves their life and gives them more opportunities to do things.

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