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Taipei Dog Training was formed in 2012 , but Steve Rigden the founder had been training dogs in England since 1985.  With all the experience he has gained as well as formal training at several schools, he has developed a holistic approach to helping dogs and their owners.

Since founding Taipei Dog Training they have been hired to give lectures by New Taipei City Animal Protection,  were hired to work on the first 2 seasons of the Nat Geo show Cesars Recruit Asia with Cesar Millan. In 2018 New Taipei Police K9 team hired Taipei Dog Training to train and certify the Police Dog Team.

As well as training hundreds of customers dogs, in either obedience or more often to cure their behaviour problems, Taipei Dog Training has also trained and certified 19 people to become dog trainers.  

Taipei Dog Trainings next exciting project is the opening of our dedicated training centre.  A beautiful 6000 ping site with facilities for agility, lure coursing, scent detection and more.


My Services

Helping You Help Your Pet

Group Classes

We will soon be offering group classes at parks across Taipei.  An initial assessment is required to determine whether your dog is ready or not for group classes.

Behavior Consulting

We specialize in fixing behavior problems.  We diagnose the source of the problem and design a plan to fix it.  We are confident that if you work hard and don't give up, we will fix your dog.

One to One  In Home Lessons

Our  Basic obedience course is six lessons taken at your home. We visit once a week and teach you, you practice when we leave.  We also offer flexible bespoke courses on arrangement.


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