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Taking the dog for a walk


Our obedience courses are very popular.  They allow so much freedom for owners and their dogs, an obedient dog has a much happier life compared to an untrained dog. Obedience is like a key, it opens the door to a great many experiences that an untrained dog misses out on.  We offer 1-1 lessons and also occasionally run group classes at sites in Taipei and Taoyuan.

Rescue Puppy


We have a very successful history solving dogs behaviour problems.  These are entirely 1-1 sessions in your home. Behaviour problems often need a complete reset for the dog and family.  There is a lot of work involved, but the results are worth it.

Tug of War


We offer agility classes at our site in Taoyuan.  We imported a range of equipment from Max200 the suppliers for the Westminster Show in the USA.

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