What Can We Help You With?


This is the bread and butter of dog training, or at least it should be. If I could change one thing about dog ownership in Taiwan it would be to get people proactive with dog training. Presently they wait until there is a problem then look for help. A basic obedience course with us prevents 99% of behaviour problems ever occurring.

We teach the industry standard of Leash walking, Sit , Down, Come and Stay. As well as yes and no. But where we differ is we teach you to use these commands daily to keep your dogs behaviour in check. We keep you in charge , and if you are in charge, you never have to take charge.


Behaviour Modification

We do specialise in fixing behaviour problems, we prefer to prevent , but we have a vast experience in fixing them. Here are just some of the problems we have fixed repeatedly over the years.

  • Aggression to people
  • Aggression to dogs
  • Fearfulness
  • Over Excited in various situations
  • Toilet Training
  • Selective Hearing


Most problems fall under these categories, very rarely can problems not be fixed, it just takes time and consistency.